San Fierro Cops And Robbers

IrresistibleDev / SF-CNR

We've extended the casino portion of the server with roulette now. Enjoy it with the progressive slot machines too!

Server IP:

Adds autospin for slot machines using the shift key.
Adds a social roulette system. Minimum $1,000 bet, maximum $100,000 bet.


Adds Four Dragons Casino to the Las Venturas GPS.
Adds functional (and static) ATMs within the 4 Dragons Casino and Caligulas Casino.
You must type "/taze [player]" in order to taze a player. MMB will only work for ticketing ONLY.
Break cuff success rate changed back to 50% (previously 60%).
You can no longer "/rob" people within Casinos.
Mining rewards are increased by about 1.5 times.
Car jacking rewards are now doubled.
Houses too close to the pawn store will be unaccessible to burglar features (150 metres).
Burglar furniture value has been increased by almost 40% (basically easier to make money).
Reduces car export cooldown time to 2 minutes (previously 3 minutes).
IC generation will stop if you are playing roulette or a slot machine.

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System is still in beta!

Adds a discord to in-game communication mechanism. This is still in beta. Big thanks to XFlawless for the help!
Players can buy grenades, molotov cocktails and teargas at their local ammunation!
Mild mode security users will no longer be emailed when they are unverified as they login.
Detained players can now be ejected from a vehicle.
The anti-abuse system will only work 8 seconds after being tied or detained.
More money put into slot machines gets contributed to the prize pool.
ChuffSec is now back from haitus and available for robbing!
Fixes issues with gates not being able to get opened.

Happy Easter Everyone

Win awesome gifts this Easter through our treasure hunt system!!!!

Adds /locate alias for /location (Hitmen only)
Your first 10 robberies with the robbery bots will be successful.
If a cop shoots a criminal (over 2 wanted lvl) then the wanted player quits, they will be jailed for quit to avoid.
Adds command /ejectall (Thanks Damen)
New players under 25 score will not be able to hurt innocent civilians.
You cannot random deathmatch within Casinos.
Adds Easter textdraw. Happy Easter Everyone!
Removes cop tutorial for players. It is not neccessary for new players either.
Cops can no longer ticket tied individuals.
Slot machine odds improved by up to 65%.
Fixes a bug where gates sometimes never closed.
Fixes issue where head admins were changing the settings of other gates mistakenly.
Detaining checkpoints will now work.
Fixes issue with cops getting randomly jailed for Quit To Avoid.
Adds a progressive slot machine system (complete slot machine revamp). Win up to $25,000,000!


Adds more drop off locations in areas such as Fort Carson, Dillimore, El Castillo del Diablo and El Quebrados. (Thanks Damen)
Placing a C4 or a thermal drill on a safe will make the robbery clerk shoot at you.
Can no longer use /vipgun in an event environment.
Readjusts the Suburban, Pawnshop store safe
Fixes the LS Town Hall trucking location.
Addresses an issue with /dropweapon within paintball.
Houses under $500,000 will not have a fire placed onto them.
Fixes an issue where security tokens were longer than 8 characters.
Brothel, Resturants and Steakhouse stores did not have a bot at the counter, this has been fixed.

Also, another new robbery in Lil' Probe Inn has been added.

SF-CNR users, associate an email to your in-game account for security and potential alerts!

This wraps up Milestone Update 15 for now. There are still going to be more updates throughout the weeks, stay tuned. In fact, a very surprising update is coming soon...

You will now see the redeemer of each used V.I.P code with /donated.
Players are able to create an indefinite number of gangs!
Implements more extensive player transaction logs for admins.
Adds /disposeweapon to dispose of on-hand weapons (short /dw) - thanks Damen!
Gangs can now have multiple gang coleaders (max 3)!
Adds /clans to see clan related gang data.


Adds an account security system, Irresistible Guard! Use /email or /cp to view this feature!

Associate an email with your account and reap the benefits of account security!


View more information about this feature on our forums!

You must remove gang coleaders through the user control panel ( or by kicking them from the gang.
You will no longer be able to change your name to something less than 3 characters.
You can now see the house map tax description clearly.
You can no longer purchase weapons or utilize /cp in an event.
Robbery clerks should no longer be shooting the ground abnormally.
All bots will aim properly at crouched players.
Coleaders that leave a gang should have no problems joining other gangs.
Drug house bots will now save their appropriate animations (clerks will cower when they are robbed, too.)