San Fierro Cops And Robbers

IrresistibleDev / SF-CNR

v10.0.0-RC4 released 3 days ago

Next update will focus on usability and fun features.


  • You can now use /feedback or /suggest to create immediate feedback in the most concise way.

    Feedback will be seen and reviewed. A response to it may not be available if it is not compelling.


  • Adds a V.I.P commands category to /cmds.
  • Adds a V.I.P customization tax on properties. Read more on our forums.


  • Adds an extensive logging feature for high-level admin commands.
  • Adds /vforce for level 3 so you can force players into vehicles.

    This is good if you lock yourself out of your vehicle due to customization.


  • V.I.P gate price increased to 350 coins.


  • Custom entrances were not being removed from the database, this has been fixed.

Updated 3 days ago