San Fierro Cops And Robbers

IrresistibleDev / SF-CNR

v10.2.8 released 3 weeks ago


  • Adds a progressive slot machine system (complete slot machine revamp). Win up to $25,000,000!


  • Adds more drop off locations in areas such as Fort Carson, Dillimore, El Castillo del Diablo and El Quebrados. (Thanks Damen)


  • Placing a C4 or a thermal drill on a safe will make the robbery clerk shoot at you.


  • Can no longer use /vipgun in an event environment.
  • Readjusts the Suburban, Pawnshop store safe
  • Fixes the LS Town Hall trucking location.
  • Addresses an issue with /dropweapon within paintball.
  • Houses under $500,000 will not have a fire placed onto them.
  • Fixes an issue where security tokens were longer than 8 characters.
  • Brothel, Resturants and Steakhouse stores did not have a bot at the counter, this has been fixed.

    Also, another new robbery in Lil' Probe Inn has been added.

Updated 3 weeks ago

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