San Fierro Cops And Robbers

IrresistibleDev / SF-CNR

v10.8.32 released 4 weeks ago

We've extended the casino portion of the server with roulette now. Enjoy it with the progressive slot machines too!

Server IP:


  • Adds autospin for slot machines using the shift key.
  • Adds a social roulette system. Minimum $1,000 bet, maximum $100,000 bet.


  • Adds Four Dragons Casino to the Las Venturas GPS.
  • Adds functional (and static) ATMs within the 4 Dragons Casino and Caligulas Casino.


  • You must type "/taze [player]" in order to taze a player. MMB will only work for ticketing ONLY.
  • Break cuff success rate changed back to 50% (previously 60%).
  • You can no longer "/rob" people within Casinos.
  • Mining rewards are increased by about 1.5 times.
  • Car jacking rewards are now doubled.
  • Houses too close to the pawn store will be unaccessible to burglar features (150 metres).
  • Burglar furniture value has been increased by almost 40% (basically easier to make money).
  • Reduces car export cooldown time to 2 minutes (previously 3 minutes).


  • IC generation will stop if you are playing roulette or a slot machine.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Lyrical commented 4 weeks ago

Super update