v5.4.5 released by LSCNR
Added the ability for gang leaders set a salary for their gang's members

New Commands - /gangwages - Set the gang's salary

Added the ability to make gangs public/private

New Commands

  • /joingang - Join a public gang
  • /publicgangs - View public gangs
  • /gang(private/public) - Change gang status
Added a counter to inform a capturer how many enemies are in the territory to prevent confusion
Added player labels to indicate who is capturing a territory
Gang members will now gain wanted level for entering a territory where there is an active gang war
Gangs will now lose a small amount of score and cash for losing control of a territory
Gangs can now earn money from capturing gang zones

You earn more money for capturing territories held by other gangs, capturing a territory that's not held by any gang will earn significantly less money

Replaced old placeholder gang list dialog

The gang list can be accessed through either /topgang or /ganglist

There must now be members from at least 2 different gangs online for territories to be captured
Lowered territory capture cooldown from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
Increased base capture time from 120 to 180 seconds
Fixed /gcp item selection bugs
Fixed colors not saving on gang creation
Various dialog fixes
Fixed territory owners not saving on server restart
Fixed cops being able to capture territories
v5.4.4 released by LSCNR
If a gang member dies while capturing a zone, capture progress will be reduced
Time to capture gang zones is now lowered based on how many gang members are capturing the zone (Base time: 120 seconds)

For example, if 2 people capture a zone it takes 60 seconds, if 3 people capture it takes 40 seconds, etc (Base Time / Number of capturers)

Zone capture progress will pause if the number of people from other gangs is greater than or equal to the number of people capturing the zone

Ex: 2 Gang members from a gang are trying to capture a zone, and 3 people from other gangs enter the zone. Capture progress will be paused until the capturers outnumber other gang members in the zone again

Brand new army base has been added by RazorKick.
Each gang now has a bank account that members can deposit into

New commands:

  • /gangbalance - Check the balance of the gang's bank
  • /gangdeposit - Deposit money into the gang's bank
  • /gangwithdraw - Withdraw from the gang's bank (Gang leader only)

Things for gangs to spend their money on will be added soon, so start saving up now!

24/7 prices have been reduced by 50% for new players.
Ammunation prices have been reduced by 65% for new players.
Capturing gang zones now requires a minimum of 2 people
/gunall event command has been re-added for level 3+ admins.
Fixed an issue where not all capturers would gain wanted level from capturing a zone
Fixed the /bribe money bug
Solved problems with some gang related messages not showing properly